The Coaching Team

For the club to provide a high standard of coaching it is important that all our coaches are properly qualified and keep their qualifications and expertise up to date.

All coaches and assistant coaches have been DBS checked.

At present the club has several staff qualified to different levels on the England Netball coaching ladder with assistants who are working towards obtaining their qualifications. 

Level 2 Club Coach Award (qualified to coach up to Club Level)

Jackie Schormans, Helen Jewell, Mary Martin, Amanda Jones, Emma Jones Lyndsey Barrett, Joanne Martin, Bethany Martin, Tracy Everitt, Barbara Crouchman, Debbie Fitzgerald, Natasha Poulter, Jenna O'Sullivan 

Level 1 & Assistant Coaches (qualified to work with beginners of all ages)    

Julie Humphreys, Jess Humphreys, Lindsay Oakley, Holly Hasley, Jo Denton, Grace Mills, Grace Woolgar, Mia Burgess, Elise Burgess 

The Umpiring Team

As a club, we have many qualified umpires at C award level and encourage our junior members to attend courses to enable them to qualify as umpires. During this process we have umpires that are happy to mentor and give guidance.

Meet the Coaches

Jackie Schormans - Level 2

Our Leader Jackie. Jackie is the Chairman at Flames and has over 25 years of coaching experience. Jackie has been involved with Flames since the club formed in 2008 and is also a C award umpire. She hung up her playing trainers after Covid after 34 years with the same team as a defender. 

FUN FACT - Jackie is also a Level 1 football coach (but it doesn't beat netball). She loves knitting and crocheting while watching junk TV. 

Mary Martin - Level 2

Our Unsung Hero Mary Martin. Mary has been with Flames since the club formed in 2008. She has over 20 years of coaching experience, is a C Award umpire, is the Treasurer and Security for Flames and is also part of the Chelmsford Junior Netball League committee. 

FUN FACT - Mary loves history, her favourite holiday destinations are Italy and Greece. Mary also has Scottish heritage and hosts Burns Night for her friends and family once a year. 

Amanda Jones - Level 2

Amanda is our Head Coach at Flames and has been with us since the club formed in 2008. She has over 20 years of coaching experience and is also a C award umpire. Amanda spent 16 years playing GS in the Basildon League for Philton and still to this day shots accurately with one hand!!

FUN FACT - Amanda's favourite holiday destination is Canada where she is able to visit and spend time with family. She is also a sucker for kids sweets (milk bottles are the winners) 

Emma Jones - Level 2

Emma has been coaching at Flames for 8 years and gained her Level 2 in 2018. She has previously played for Brookside and Bears in both Basildon and Thurrock leagues along with regional and has experience coaching in the East Essex Academy Pathway. 

FUN FACT - Emma is a sun worshipper and loves visiting Dubai. In 2021, Emma jumped out of a plane at 13,000ft to raise money for Haven's hospice and in her own words (would do it again in a heartbeat)

Debbie Fitzgerald - Level 2

Debbie is one of our Level 2 coaches and has been coaching with Flames for 5 years. 
Debbie has played netball for over 4 decades and has represented County. She still plays for Kinkaid and Brookside in both Basildon and Southend League. 

FUN FACT - Debbie has played in many netball weekends and has a lifetime of fantastic memories and trophies. She loves to Ski and is exceptionally good at 'Apres Ski' 

Barbara Crouchman - Level 2

Barb has been a Level 2 coach since 2017 and joined Flames in 2019.
She occasionally plays GS for Brookside as well as umpiring over in the Basildon League. 
After Friday training, Barb likes to go home and relax. 

Jo Martin - Level 2

Jo has been part of the coaching team at Flames since the club formed in 2008 and has held her Level 2 Coaching Qualification for 5 years. Jo has played netball since she was 9 years old and has experience in Regional and Prem. She now plays C/WA for Brookside in the Basildon League. 

FUN FACT - Jo is a mother to 3 girls and would love to take them all to Disney World Florida. After Friday night training, Jo can be found with a 'Cheeky Shake Baby Shake Cocktail' 

Tracy Everitt - Level 2

Tracy has been coaching for 12 years and has been with Flames for 7 years as a Level 2 coach. 
Tracy has such a passion for Netball, she has played for County and has gained some amazing memories and great friends over the years. Tracy wanted to pass her passion onto others which is why she took up coaching. She also plays for Brookside on occasions in the Basildon league. 

FUN FACT - Tracy has a daughter that lives in Dubai and visits often (we aren't jealous), she also spends a few months during the year in North Cyprus. Tracy is the club jet setter. 

Bethany Martin - Level 2

Beth is one of our Level 2 coaches and has been coaching with Flames for over 10 years. She is one of our all rounders as a player, umpire and coach. Beth plays C/WA/WD for Conquest, Galaxy Greensward and Blacks Netball club in Basildon, Southend and Chelmsford. 

FUN FACT - Beth treats every day like a musical and will often burst into song. She is a thrill seeker and loves activities that involve heights. You can find Beth after Friday training with a bag of doritos, nacho cheese dip and a good film. 

Natasha Poulter - Level 2

Natasha has been coaching at Flames as a Level 2 since 2022 and has been a great addition to the coaching team. 
Natasha still plays WA or GA for Artful Dodgers in the Thurrock League 

FUN FACT - Natasha's specialist subject on Master Mind would be 'Music by 90's Boybands'  

Jenna O'Sullivan - Level 2

Jenna is one of our Level 2 coaches and has been with Flames for 5 months. She still plays for Ruby Thunder in the Basildon League as a WA and is also a qualified umpire. 

FUN FACT - Jenna has been to Florida 10 times (a real life Disney Princess). She can touch her nose with her tongue and also has a phobia of baked beans!

Jo Denton - Level 1

Jo has been one of ourLevel 1 coaches at Flames for 2 years and in her own words 'absolutely loves it' 
Jo played GA in her early netball years and 20 years on, still puts most of us to shame with her consistency. 

FUN FACT - Outside of netball, Jo loves making things and her house is overflowing with craft supplies. 

Julie Humphreys - Level 1

Julie has been with Flames for 8 years as a Level 1 coach. She still plays netball as a GS or GK for Brookside, Star and Tigers in Basildon, Thurrock and Southend Leagues. Julie is also a C award umpire. 

Elise Burgess - Assistant

Elise is one of our youngest assistants at Flames and has been coaching at the club for 2 years. 
Elise still loves to play netball as a WA/WD/C and is keen to pass on her knowledge to our junior players. 

FUN FACT - Elise loves a beach destination and is partial to a hot chocolate and Oreo donut after a Friday evening on the courts. 

Grace Mills - Assistant

Grace has been coaching for 3 years and has been with Flames since 2022 working towards her Level 1 coaching qualification. Grace still plays netball as a GK/GD/WD for Brookside Bees and Kinkaid in the Basildon and Southend Leaguesand is also a IO umpire working towards her C Award. 

FUN FACT - Grace has 2 horses and has been horse riding since she was 3 years old!

Jess Humphreys - Assistant

Jess is a previous player at Flames and has been coaching with us for 2 years as an assistant. She is also an IO umpire and is working towards her Level 1 Coaching Qualification. Jess plays for Brookside Pinks, Tigers and Pink Panthers in Basildon, Southend and Thurrock as a GA/GD. 

FUN FACT - Jess has a level 6 distinction in singing and enjoys playing dungeons and dragons. After Friday training, Jess likes to attend Live Music gigs with her friends. 

Mia Burgess - Assistant

Mia has been coaching at Flames for 18 months and still plays regularly in the Basildon League for Brookside Pinks as a WA/WD/C. 

FUN FACT - Mia is currently studying art and is hoping to become a tattoo artist. 

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