Remember not to rumble the THUNDER

Treat team-mates, coaches, opponents, and Club members with respect
Have fun, reach for the top and always try your best
Umpires are there to interpret the rules for you; accept their decision
Never use bad language or insult opponents, coaches, or spectators
Do not try to gain unfair advantage over opponents
Enjoy yourself; know the rules of Netball and play by the spirit of the rules
Realize that without opponents, there would not be a game

Players will:

  • Maintain a level of behaviour so as not to bring the club or game into disrepute.

  • Accept success and failure with the same good grace.
  • Respect the decision of the coaches in team selection. 
  • Wear appropriate kit for matches and events.  
  • Attend all training sessions.
  • Inform coaches if not available for training, matches and events.
  • Be on time for training, matches and events.  
  • Try to improve as a player by giving 100% attention and effort at all times. 
  • Follow instructions and directions of the coaching team during training, matches and events.  
  • Tell coaching team of any worries that may concern them.
  • Remain with the coaching team until collected.
  • Be aware of drugs policy within England Netball.
  • Abide by the Club Constitution.

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