Dresses and over skins will be supplied to new squad members on selection to a squad FOC.
Please note -The dresses and skins may be 2nd hand but will be in good condition. If a larger size is required due to growth the old dress or skin must be returned in good condition for a new one to be issued FOC.

If for any reason a player leaves the club, please return any kit supplied FOC to their Coach. If not returned an invoice will be issued for payment

All Squad Members will be supplied with a pair of Flames socks before their first match FOC

Available to purchase 
Hoodies - £20.00
Waterproof fleece lined Jackets - £20.00
Additional Flames Socks  -£5.00 
Head Bands - £5.00

Please Email : amandaflames@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to order any Hoodies or Jackets.

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