The club recognizes that without the goodwill and effort of Parents/Carers young people would not be able to take part in sporting life. However, we would like to promote Netball in a positive way and would urge you to adopt the following code.

Parents/Carers should:
  • Ensure Players are on time for training, matches and events.
  • Be encouraged to notify coaches of any medical or personal problems so that they may be acted upon sensitively.
  • Inform the club when players are not available for training, matches or events.
  • Be encouraged to discuss any concerns about selection and individual needs.
  • Be aware of drugs policy within England Netball.
  • Abide by the Constitution of the Club.
  • Encourage good and fair play and respect opposing teams and supporters.
  • Have a realistic expectation of your player and be aware of their aims and goals.
  • Accept the umpires' decision.

Parent or Carers are encouraged NOT:
  • To make negative remarks to players, officials or other spectators.
  • To coach players during competition.
  • To smoke on or around court areas.

Remember this is a voluntary Club - any help you are willing to provide will be gratefully received.

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