Affiliated to England Netball  



1.         CLUB NAME

            The name shall be FLAMES NETBALL CLUB (hereinafter called "the Club").


2.         STATUS

The Club is formed as a voluntary body for the amateur sport of Netball.  The Club will be a member club affiliated to England Netball.



3.1       To promote and develop the game of netball at all age groups.

3.2       To promote competition.

3.3       To encourage a competitive spirit within a structured framework.

3.4       To promote mass participation.

3.5       To encourage fair play and sportsmanship.

3.6       To play all matches in accordance with the rules of England Netball.

3.7       To adopt England Netball's policy on Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Netball including child protection guidelines.


4.          MANAGEMENT OF THE CLUB                                                                                                               

4.1       The management of the affairs of the club shall be vested in a club committee.                                   

4.2       The committee will be comprised of the following honorary officers:

·         Chairman

·         Vice Chairman

·         Secretary

·         Treasurer

·         Club Coach/Umpiring Secretary

·         Publicity and Fund Raising Officer

·         Fixture and Results Secretary

·         Membership Secretary

·         Communications Officer

·         Youth Development Officer

·         Kit Manager

·         Welfare Officer

·         A Players Representative

             Any person invited by the Honorary Officers to become a member of the committee

4.3       The club committee to be elected annually at the AGM

4.4       Minimum of 4 meetings shall be arranged as necessary during the year.

4.5       A quorum for committee meetings shall be 3 elected officers.

4.6       Honorary officers will have one vote.  In the event of equality of votes the Chair shall have a casting vote.

4.7       The Club committee may fill any casual vacancy in respect of the elected honorary officers to act until the next AGM.

4.8       The committee shall determine any questions as to interpretation of the Constitution.

4.9       A member of the committee should not have any financial interest in any contract entered into the club UNLESS this interest has been declared to the committee.



5.1       The Club shall consist of the Officers and the members.

5.2       The committee shall be responsible for considering application for membership and election of officers.

5.3      In accepting membership a person agrees to abide by the Constitution of the Club and abide by the rulings of the Committee.

5.4       Members may resign from membership at any time by giving notice to the Club Secretary or Membership Secretary.

5.5       Each individual player is classified as a member of the Club. The player can be represented by a parent/carer.

5.6       All members involved in National Competitions, Adult and Junior Leagues and rallies and tournaments entered throughout the year shall be affiliated to England Netball via the club.  

5.7       Membership fees are payable by monthly bank standing order or per term in advance and are determined annually at the AGM.  Should a member request to pay per week then the fee will be £5 per week whether they attend or not.  Under exceptional circumstances the payment schedule can be adjusted at the discretion of the Committee.

5.8       Members who have requested to pay membership fees by monthly bank standing order but have failed to make any payments within the first two months of said payments being requested will be asked to pay for the term.

5.9       In line with England Netball's policy on Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Netball (Clause 3.7 above) no additional adournments or wording, unless approved by the Committee, will be permitted on club playing kit or any club merchandise.



6.1       Date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be decided by the Committee.

6.2       An AGM will take place giving 28 days notice to members.

6.3       The purpose of the AGM is to inform members how the business of the Club is progressing.  Any questions or views may be expressed at this time.  The Committee will consider any matters raised and changes may be made if deemed necessary as agreed.

6.4       The annual report of the Committee and the Statement of Accounts up to the end of the financial year shall be presented at the AGM.

6.5       To elect Honorary Officers.

6.6       Nominations for officer's posts shall be received by the Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the AGM.  Nominations will be considered from the floor of the meeting.

6.7       The Chair may call a meeting when they believe it necessary or desirable or upon the written request of at least 3 members of the Committee.

6.8       The Quorum for General meetings shall be 7 members present eligible to vote of which one will include the Chairman or Vice Chairman.

6.9       An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called by an application in writing to the Secretary signed by not less than 7 members.  The EGM will be held within 28 days of receipt of a valid application.



7.1       All funds raised by or on behalf of the Club shall be used to achieve the aims and interests of the Club and for no other purpose.

7.2       The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the Club.

7.3       The financial year of the Club ends on 31 July.

7.4       Proper accounts shall be kept of all sums of money received and paid out by the Club.

7.5       The funds of the Club shall be lodged at a Bank or Building Society in an account in the name of the Club and all cheques, drafts etc., drawn on these accounts shall be signed by any two officers.

7.6       Statements of Accounts will be drawn up annually and presented to the AGM. The Statements will be audited by a person independent of the Club. The Auditor will not necessarily be a qualified auditor.  



8.1       Responsibility for all property owned or leased by the Club and for the employment of paid staff and volunteers rests with the Committee.

8.2       All honorary officers and members of the Club Committee shall be indemnified by the Club against all costs and losses for which they may become liable by reason of duty performed for or with the authority of the Club Committee.


9.          DISSOLUTION

9.1       In the event of dissolution, the funds remaining after settlement of all outstanding debts will be devoted to other organizations whose objectives are similar to those of the Club or to other purposes approved by the Charity Commissioners.

9.2       No member shall obtain any asset from the Club.



10.1    The Constitution shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

10.2     Amendments to the constitution shall only be agreed at an AGM or at a meeting

             called for that express purpose.

10.3     Additions to or alterations of the constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of the AGM. or EGM or request for a special

             meeting of the Club members.  No resolution involving an amendment to the

             constitution may be proposed or amended from the floor of the meeting.

10.4     In the event of a proposal for amending the constitution being submitted the

Secretary shall inform the membership of the proposed motion not less than 14 days before the relevant meeting.

10.5    Any amendments to the proposed motion duly proposed and seconded shall be

            submitted in writing to the secretary not later than 14 days before the said meeting.

10.6     Any alteration to the constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of members

             present and voting.

10.7     In the event of any question or matter arising which is not provided in the constitution such question or matter shall be dealt with by the committee whose decision shall be final.



11.1    The committee shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member and shall have the authority to terminate the membership of any

             member guilty of conduct deemed to be to the detriment of the Club.

11.2    There shall be the right of appeal to an Appeals Committee against any disciplinary decision made by the committee or by an Officer of the Club.

11.3    The appeal should normally be considered within 14 days of it being received by theSecretary.

11.4    The Appeals Committee shall consist of 3 independent people.


12.        EQUALITY  

            No participant, volunteer, job applicant, or employee will receive less favourable

            treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, social class, colour, race, ethnic origins, religious belief, disability, or will be disadvantaged by conditions or

            requirements which are not relevant to performance.





Chairman           Jackie Schormans       


Secretary           Mary Martin


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